With over 20 years of experience designing uniquely defined Cloud workflow solutions, BeBop Managed Services is positioned to greatly accelerate strategic movement to the Cloud for companies within Media & Entertainment and other industries.

BeBop Managed Services offers seamless, end-to-end implementation of Cloud products and services to overcome the challenges of transitioning to the Cloud and fully capitalize on its benefits.

  • Engagements start with at least one half- or full-day assessment
  • Solutions are tailored to each customer’s unique needs, capabilities, strategy, and goals
  • Enterprise-level, project-based, and everything in between
BeBop Managed Services


BeBop is the new industry standard for securing content workflows.

BeBop is the only globally-deployed software that combines our proprietary IP stack with the PCoIP* container. BeBop can migrate any GPU- or CPU-based workflow to the Cloud in the most secure fashion and with the most powerful model available globally.

BeBop has successfully completed MPAA and studio Content Security audits.

  • BeBop streams an image of the desktop; content files never leave the security of their private network
  • Images are compressed and encrypted and then sent to the BeBop client for decryption and decompression
  • Image processing storage is isolated down to the spindle

* The PCoIP security module leverages the AES 256 and NSA Suite B cyphers, which meet the highest level of security required by governments.




BeBop is most secure cloud-based platform for M&E workflows. It enables anyone to ingest, backup (DR), index/catalog, and organize data, then process, render, manage, transport and deliver assets from anywhere in the world, securely, from only a 20Mbps connection.

  • Cloud-based high-powered virtualized workstation
  • BYO license model for industry-standard editing, titling, design, VFX, 3D modeling & animation, compositing and motion graphics tools
  • Expandable shared high-speed storage
  • Flexible on-demand pricing model, an industry first
  • Instantly scalable infrastructure to fit any project needs
  • Comprehensive cost and use reports and analysis
  • Highest level of security available in the marketplace, including 2-factor authentication


BeBop OTS (Over the Shoulder) offers an economical way to securely allow remote collaboration, and review and approvals of BeBop editorial or image processing sessions.

  • Real-time view of sessions on the BeBop Platform from anywhere in the world using a BeBop Workstation and a 20Mbps Internet connection
  • Secure and watermarked
  • Stream sessions for review and approval
  • Full screen, as if you were in the room, with bidirectional audio support
App screen



BeBop Rocket is the fastest and most economical application to get footage into the Cloud. Rocket is a patent-pending secure, real-time, on-site, hassle-free content transportation and ingestion solution. It is optimized to automate motion to any public or custom Cloud for a fraction of the price of the leading on premises services.

  • Transfer any file size for one price, and any format or codec from any location
  • Fully encrypted and automatic backups of original camera footage to facilitate archiving, business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Content is viewable anywhere in the world on a secure BeBop Workstation from a 20Mbps connection
  • Files cannot be downloaded except by authorized persons
  • Footage is never physically transported to an unsecure location
  • Hot folders mirror on premises and Cloud solutions and are customizable with BeBop Managed Services engagement
  • Standalone pricing model or inclusive with use of BeBop Platform


BeBop Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery is the first affordable solution for Media & Entertainment. Engaging BeBop Managed Services to strategically implement your business continuity plan overcomes the challenge of “what’s the point of having a geographically remote backup if my staff can’t get to it?” and reduces costs of on premises facilities and equipment.

  • Duplicates and stores all production content immediately in the Cloud for quick restoration if source files are lost
  • Backs up everything and makes it available in a variety of ways
  • Ability to backup content directly to the Cloud iteratively from dailies to rough cut to locked picture
  • Backup integration with industry standard third parties
  • Creates critical file-based metadata, thumbnails and indexes material for searchability
  • In case of loss of cutting room environment or physical loss of production’s drives or storage, BeBop allows for seamless continuation of the editorial process