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    Bringing Creatives Around the World Together

    What defines a good workflow? With footage coming in from 6 different countries, Origin Point needed a fast and efficient post pipeline that allowed for maximum creative collaboration. The answer was the BeBop OS.

    Meredith_Parents_Parenting_Diaries BBP_Client_Mockups_A1_NHRA_V2 BBP_Client_VIA_1 NFL Superbowl LV - Edited On BeBop v1 BBP_Client_Mockups_A1_BuscandoAFrida Meredith_Beat_The_Receipt BBP_Client_Mockups_A2_NHRA_V2 BBP_Client_VIA_2 BBP_Client_Mockups_A1_Ana Meredith_Outdoor_Upgrade NFL Superbowl LV - Edited On BeBop v2 BBP_Clients_VIA_3 BBP_Client_Mockups_A2_El_Club BBP_Client_VIA_4 BBP_Client_Mockups_A3_NHRA_V2 BBP_Client_VIA_5 NFL Superbowl LV - Edited On BeBop v3 BBP_Client_VIA_6 BBP_Client_Mockups_A1_Yankee BBP_Client_VIA_7 BBP_Client_Mockups_A4_NHRA_V2 NFL Superbowl LV - Edited On BeBop v4 BBP_Client_Mockups_A1_DaniWho BBP_Client_Mockups_A5_NHRA_V2 NFL Superbowl LV - Edited On BeBop v5 BBP_Client_Mockups_A2_BuscandoAFrida BBP_Client_Mockups_A6_NHRA_V2 NFL Superbowl LV - Edited On BeBop v6 BBP_Client_Mockups_A2_Yankee BBP_Client_Mockups_A7_NHRA_V2 BBP_Client_Mockups_A2_El_Club BBP_Client_Mockups_A8_NHRA_V2 BBP_Client_Mockups_A2_Ana BBP_Client_Mockups_A9_NHRA_V2 BBP_Client_Mockups_A1_OscuroDeseo BBP_Client_Mockups_A10_NHRA_V1a BBP_Client_Mockups_A1_The_Club BBP_Client_Mockups_A`_Falsa_Identidad

    Brad Boim from NFL Media Talks BeBop!

    Brad Boim, Senior Director of Asset Management & Post Production for NFL Media, talks about his team's experience using the BeBop OS.

    “Even though they’re spread all the way across the country, the creative team feels like they’re in offices next door to each other.”
    Nate McCoart
    Van Wagner Sports & Entertainment
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    The Challenge

    Simplifying a Remote

    VFX Workflow

    In the summer of 2019, Cinematic Media secured several simultaneous visual effects projects for upcoming TV series: three shows for a major global streaming service, and two for a multinational media conglomerate. The projects would primarily involve tracking, clean-up, and rotoscoping.

    But a problem needed to be solved first. In order to meet the demand, Cinematic Media would need access to several powerful computers, and more machines than they currently had on premises. They also needed access to these machines quickly, since deadlines were already looming...This is where BeBop came in.

    Arturo Sedano - Managing Director, Cinematic Media
    “BeBop provides us with the best of all worlds: very powerful machines and really great, streamlined VFX workflows that are easy to manage.”
    Arturo Sedano
    Managing Director, Cinematic Media

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