• Unlimited access to a multitude of pro-grade tools used in the industry every day
    • More resources on a more powerful computer than you would have under your desk
    • Work at your own pace, in your own place
    • Accommodates students with conflicting class schedules
    • No tech requirements for infrastructure
    • Enables collaborative work

    • Uncompromised professional training on professional systems
    • Maximum flexibility & convenience
    • Not limited by what computer you use – every student has all the power of the Cloud
    • Easy collaboration between remote students and professors
    • Real-time screen sharing
    • Ability to increase class size and add classes previously deemed impossible
    • Cloud editing enables online education of lab-centric classes
    • Reduces hardware and support footprint
    • Cloud deployment is completely scalable
    • More efficient use of real estate
    • Maximize infrastructure capabilities without affecting space planning and requirements
    • Reduce facility space, power & A/C
    • Students can work anywhere there is an Internet connection
    • Shift from CAPEX to OPEX to facilitate lower-cost expansion
    • Dynamically scale classes, class size, and curriculum to meet demand
    • Simplify long range planning
    • Generate accurate usage data and track utilization trends