• Solution stack: Cloud / PCoIP / Storage / MAM / Teradici / NVIDIA / AWS / Azure / SoftLayer / Aspera / Zadara / Vidispine
    • Customizable workstation configurations and provisioning deployed as-needed
    • Workstations can be either AWS-based (g2.2xlarge GPU instance), Azure-based or SoftLayer-based (customizable to customer requirements)
    • Managed fully on-demand or provisioning schedules to accommodate any use case scenario
    • Storage deployed dynamically on-demand or as-needed
    • Multi-region backup / disaster recovery capabilities
    • Cloud agnostic
    • Storage is direct fiber attached to cloud environment
    • Security via services integrated into existing AWS, Azure and/or SoftLayer environments
    • VPC peering (AWS)
    • Global private network + managed VPN infrastructure (SoftLayer)
    • Hybrid deployment-friendly
    • Day-to-day infrastructure support / system monitoring
    • Operational reporting and analytics
    • Help desk / defined escalation procedures
    • Workflow / event based hyper-care support available
    • Monthly billing model (detailed billing and usage information included)
    • Additional development & ancillary services available: rapid prototyping, POC build out and evaluation, cloud strategy, software development (backend / front end), etc.