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BeBop Technology creates highly specialized cloud-based services for Media & Entertainment.

Our core product is the only software platform that transparently moves existing editorial and post-production workflows to a fully cloud-based environment, securely, without disrupting the creative process. Instead of moving your content to the editorial tools, BeBop moves the tools to your content.

With BeBop you have access to an extremely powerful computer in the Cloud to edit your work using industry standard tools, any time, from anywhere, on just a 20Mbps Internet connection. By enabling graphic intensive processes in the Cloud with the same quality and fidelity as a local workstation, the BeBop platform creates previously unimaginable financial and workflow efficiencies.

BeBop is set to become the new industry standard for cloud-based post-production. Keep the art, lose the hardware.



  • Customizable Workstations: as many as you need, on demand
  • Storage: as much as you need, on demand
  • Simplicity: exactly what you need to do, the way you’re used to doing it
  • Tool Agnostic: supports all suites and services
  • Cloud Resources: Teradici, NVIDIA, AWS, Azure, SoftLayer, Aspera, & Vidispine
  • Mobility with Security: globally disperse workflows cost-effectively and realistically
  • Flexibility: pay-as-you-go model
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  • Creatives can work almost anywhere there is an Internet connection
  • Extremely powerful on demand platform that supports the same tools and work processes creatives already use
  • Vastly reduces security risks from file movement and disparate off-premises storage
  • Enable huge CAPEX to OPEX shift to facilitate lower cost expansion
  • Improve balance sheet with pay-as-you-go model instead of buying or renting
  • Expand and contract equipment without affecting space planning and requirements
  • Save on real estate by eliminating need to store and cool big boxes
  • Enables deployment in select geographies to exploit tax credits and labor efficiencies
  • Disaster recovery solutions that never existed before

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BeBop’s proprietary post-production software platform sets a new industry standard for security.

BeBop streams an image of the desktop, so content files never leave the security of their private network.

Images are captured as pixels, compressed and encrypted and then sent to the BeBop client for decryption and decompression. The security module leverages the AES 256 and NSA Suite B cyphers, which meet the highest level of security required by governments. Additionally, storage is separate to isolate the content safely.

BeBop delivers on its security promise through our partnership with Teradici, which provides the foundation for BeBop’s high-quality user experience through its core desktop remoting protocol.


    • Solution stack: Cloud / PCoIP / Storage / MAM / Teradici / NVIDIA / AWS / Azure / SoftLayer / Aspera / Zadara / Vidispine
    • Customizable workstation configurations and provisioning deployed as-needed
    • Workstations can be either AWS-based (g2.2xlarge GPU instance), Azure-based or SoftLayer-based (customizable to customer requirements)
    • Managed fully on-demand or provisioning schedules to accommodate any use case scenario
    • Storage deployed dynamically on-demand or as-needed
    • Multi-region backup / disaster recovery capabilities
    • Cloud agnostic
    • Storage is direct fiber attached to cloud environment
    • Security via services integrated into existing AWS, Azure and/or SoftLayer environments
    • VPC peering (AWS)
    • Global private network + managed VPN infrastructure (SoftLayer)
    • Hybrid deployment-friendly
    • Day-to-day infrastructure support / system monitoring
    • Operational reporting and analytics
    • Help desk / defined escalation procedures
    • Workflow / event based hyper-care support available
    • Monthly billing model (detailed billing and usage information included)
    • Additional development & ancillary services available: rapid prototyping, POC build out and evaluation, cloud strategy, software development (backend / front end), etc.


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BeBop creates a new industry standard for cloud-based post-production and is fully optimized to support a wide range of Media & Entertainment productions, including:

  • Feature Films
  • Episodic TV
  • Digital Content
  • Reality TV
  • Live Broadcast, including News, Sports, Political Events, and Awards Shows
  • Documentary
  • Post-production Houses
  • Cutting Rooms
  • Commercials
  • Promos & Trailers
  • On Air
  • Industrials


BeBop provides benefits to all constituents within the university ecosystem:

  • Students on-campus
  • Students online
  • Administration

Bebop is about spontaneous improvisation within the jazz genre.
It is the intuitive next note to be played.

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    • Unlimited access to a multitude of pro-grade tools used in the industry every day
    • More resources on a more powerful computer than you would have under your desk
    • Work at your own pace, in your own place
    • Accommodates students with conflicting class schedules
    • No tech requirements for infrastructure
    • Enables collaborative work

    • Uncompromised professional training on professional systems
    • Maximum flexibility & convenience
    • Not limited by what computer you use – every student has all the power of the Cloud
    • Easy collaboration between remote students and professors
    • Real-time screen sharing
    • Ability to increase class size and add classes previously deemed impossible
    • Cloud editing enables online education of lab-centric classes
    • Reduces hardware and support footprint
    • Cloud deployment is completely scalable
    • More efficient use of real estate
    • Maximize infrastructure capabilities without affecting space planning and requirements
    • Reduce facility space, power & A/C
    • Students can work anywhere there is an Internet connection
    • Shift from CAPEX to OPEX to facilitate lower-cost expansion
    • Dynamically scale classes, class size, and curriculum to meet demand
    • Simplify long range planning
    • Generate accurate usage data and track utilization trends


BeBop offers both à la carte and enterprise solutions. To help you decide which is best for you, first tell us what kind of work you do.

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Bebop is a style of jazz characterized by a fast tempo, instrumental virtuosity and improvisation.

BeBop Technology takes this same approach to cloud-based content creation processes, infrastructure and connectivity.

BeBop was founded by innovative, deeply experienced experts with a collective, institutional knowledge of the Media & Entertainment industry.

We have unique expertise navigating the public cloud environment, not only from a tech and workflow standpoint, but also financially and operationally.

We create solutions that empower media & entertainment companies and educational institutions to properly manage – and protect – their assets.

BeBop Technology is headquartered in Los Angeles and has offices in London, New York, Sydney, and Vancouver.


Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
Bruce is a technologist, inventor and entrepreneur who has spent his entire career at the intersection of creativity and technology. His extensive experience includes launching and selling several successful startups and running large media and technology companies.

He is also the founder/CEO of Muse VFX, which provides first-class visual effects for broadcast, film, and special venues, and the founder/CEO of Smaaartspot, an online video advertising & branding platform. He is the co-author of Smaaartspot's patented interactive video overlay solution, which enables marketers to engage with viewers without leaving the page or missing a second of video.

Bruce has held global senior executive positions with many of Hollywood’s most prominent content creation, technology, postproduction and visual effects companies, including Deluxe, Technicolor, Ascent Media, and CBS. He founded and led many successful businesses at the convergence of digital solutions and content, including Next Element (acquired by Deluxe), Encore Video and Encore VFX (acquired by Ascent Media Group), and co-founded Cloud Takes with Daryll Strauss (acquired by Technicolor). He executive produced several motion pictures, television and online series, is a senior advisor to Technicolor and Stoneleigh Investments, and is a venture partner of DFJ Frontier.
Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder
David is one of the media and entertainment industry’s most innovative technologists and foremost Cloud experts. He has spent more than 20 years on the cutting edge, developing groundbreaking technology solutions.

He began his career with the Survivors of the Shoah Foundation, after which David rapidly developed extensive postproduction technology experience. He created numerous transformative data, Cloud and workflow solutions for film studios, television networks, digital content developers and distributors, including Deluxe, Movielabs and Final Draft. He has held in senior technology executive positions at several postproduction companies, including leading Technicolor’s R&D division and serving as CTO of Sample Digital and Secure Path.

In 2010 he founded DSB Consulting, which incubated the BeBop platform and serves as BeBop’s managed services and DevOps wing.
Chief Operating Officer
Marker has been a force in the transition from film to digital filmmaking for over 35 years. His guiding philosophy is to empower more filmmakers to make their best films through the embrace of new technology.

He founded Plus8digital, the premier camera rental company which was first in the development and deployment of digital motion picture technologies. Plus8’s success with digital cameras and anamorphic lenses led to their first tests at Lucasfilm in 1997, and subsequently a string of television shows and feature films that converted to digital cameras. Plus8 was unique in that it provided camera operators with workflow solutions, and it partnered with postproduction companies in each of its five locations.

After selling Plus8 to Panavision, Marker served as Executive Vice President. He followed with a stint as CEO of CineFLOW, a digital recorder company. He built a substantial consulting practice helping media and entertainment clients recast their technical and market strategy.

Marker joined Bebop because it is the next big leap in technology and creative freedom.
BeBop Evangelist
Herb is an entertainment technology, marketing, and sales executive with a long history in Hollywood’s postproduction industry. He worked for many years as a film editor. Considered by many to be the “father of non-linear editing,” Herb pioneered the design and implementation of the Ediflex, one of the first and by far most popular of the pre-digital non–linear editing systems. He was instrumental in transforming Encore Non-linear into the largest Avid rental business in the world. He shared the 1985 Technology & Engineering Emmy for design and implementation of non-linear editing for filmed programs.

As SVP of Communications, Herb helped build the first international fiber network for the entertainment industry, connecting all the major Hollywood studios to postproduction facilities in Asia, Europe, Canada and the US. He established the visual effects division at Encore Video and grew it into a powerhouse within its first year, creating the effects for such hit shows as Ally McBeal, The X-Files, and Charmed.

A UCLA graduate, Herb is a founder of and a member of ACE, the UCLA Television and Film Educational Board, and the F.O.C.U.S. Institute of Film Board of Advisors. In 2016 he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Hollywood Professional Association.
VP of Marketing & Communications
John is a communications and marketing executive with 20 years of expertise in corporate, consumer and events marketing and PR for digital media, entertainment, technology, and publishing companies.

As a senior leader of the Los Angeles Times communications team for more than 8 years, John oversaw campaigns for digital initiatives and product launches; entertainment industry and consumer events such as the annual Hero Complex Film Festival, Festival of Books, and Envelope Screening Series; and media relations for a 24-hour newsroom.

As the award-winning director of music & digital entertainment for Rogers & Cowan John represented such brands as Napster and Microsoft, and he developed extensive red carpet talent and media relations experience with the Grammy Awards and Elton John Academy Awards Viewing Party.

John has written for marketing publications, video games, television, and is a critically-acclaimed playwright. He is also well versed in film, audio, and video production, photography and design, and music supervision. He holds a B.S. from the University of Virginia.
VP of Software Development
Simran has more than 15 years of experience architecting, designing, developing and implementing small to large software applications with a high level of complexity.

He’s established himself as one of digital media’s most innovative software developers and architects for companies such as Sony Pictures Entertainment, Deluxe Digital Studios and Technicolor. He also served as Digital Media Creative Director for and I Just Wanna Dance (and yes, he’s a fantastic dancer).

Simran is also a photographer and editor. He has photographed some of the LA's greatest teams and players including the LA Lakers, Clippers, and Dodgers.

Simran is graduate of California State University-Northridge with a degree in computer science.
VP of Operations & Support
Elon has more than 15 years of project management, operations, and logistics experience. His extensive IT background includes serving as network administrator for Technicolor for 5 years and working at several digital start-ups.

Food (and it’s distribution) is in his DNA; his first job as a teenager was working on the factory floor of his family’s meat processing and beef jerky business. Prior to joining DSB, Elon served as VP of Transportation; Logistics for Meatco Provisions for 8 years, where he wore every business hat except Sales.

He holds a degree in business and information technology from the University of Arizona.
Director of West Coast Sales
Phaedra is an innovative industry leader with over 20 years experience providing information technology sales and consultation. She has worked exclusively with the media and entertainment industry for the past several years, and her expertise in navigating network and Cloud deployments from concept to implementation has been successfully leveraged by clients such as LionsGate, Fox Entertainment, DreamWorks Animation, NBC/Universal, and Sony.

Phaedra previously worked in commercial network infrastructure sales at Time Warner, as the channel manager for the West Coast USA at Polycom, and held positions at Masergy, XO Communications, and Electric Lightwave in telecommunications. Prior to joining BeBop, Phaedra was a sales executive at Sohonet, where she provided global secure network solutions for the media industry, including studios, postproduction houses, VFX houses, and social media platforms.

Her crowd-sourced book project, “Innovating Women - The Changing Face of Technology,” about women in STEM that was backed by Google for Entrepreneurs and Singularity University, was published in 2014.
Director of East Coast Sales
Charles is a well-known veteran in the film and broadcast industry. Formerly the SVP of feature film and broadcast sales at Technicolor-New York, he has been a major force in the independent and studio feature film business for the past 30 years.

Born in New York City and raised in Brussels, Belgium, Charles began his career in the film business after graduating Clark University, working in production for commercials and documentaries in Boston.

His nearly 25 year career at Technicolor began in 1990, where he worked on over 100 feature film and broadcast projects. He has worked with such directors like Martin Scorsese, Ang Lee, Joel & Ethan Coen, Darren Aronofsky, Spike Lee, Jim Jarmusch, John Sayles, Woody Allen, Lee Daniels, Lasse Hallstrom, Tom McCarthy, Sidney Lumet, and Robert Altman. Charles was also involved with postproduction of a number of episodic broadcast shows, including Ugly Betty, Smash, Boardwalk Empire and White Collar.

Charles is an associate member of the American Society of Cinematographers.
BeBop UK
Ben has 15 years of media industry experience and a deep understanding of technical and creative media disciplines, from file-based acquisition to multi-platform delivery. He is based in London and oversees BeBop’s business development efforts in Europe.

He began his career in extreme sports as a BMX freestyle rider, and his subsequent work as a producer and editor led to the launch of his first media business, Sequence Post, in 2004. The company was named a Top 10 TV Producer Favourite of the 2013 Televisual Facilities 50, and continues to service flagship clients across factual, drama, sports and entertainment programs from its central London premises.

Ben has been an editor, colorist, producer and post supervisor across a wide range of media projects. He edited the BAFTA-winning F1 for ITV, and his credits span BBC promos, James Bond films, Channel 4 documentaries, Jessie J tours, and the drama series Suspects for Fremantle Media.

He founded and manages BeBop affiliate BASE Media Cloud, which brings together flexible software, hardware, connectivity and Cloud, creating a next generation media facility.
BeBop UK
Damon is one of the media and entertainment industry’s leading experts on media formats, workflows and solutions. He has worked in new media technology and production for more than 10 years and has been an internationally sought-after senior consultant, solution architect and systems integrator. Damon played key roles in many of the broadcast industry’s largest and most complex technology change projects, leading broadcasters in the shift from tape to file to more recently the shift from local to cloud-based solutions. He has designed and implemented innovative solutions for major public and private international broadcasters, including the BBC, BSkyB, Sony Pictures TV, Discovery, Red Bee Media, and Encompass.

Damon is considered an expert and has been requested to review industry examinations for the IABM and write and publish several industry guides and white papers, including with the UK’s DPP consortium of broadcasters.

Damon has founded and held MD and CTO positions in several companies focused on providing consultancy and cloud-based managed services to broadcasters and companies managing and processing media assets.
BeBop Canada
Curtis is a 30-year veteran of the television and feature sectors in Vancouver and Los Angeles. His vast experience includes executive and senior management roles in all facets of the industry: audio post, video post, VFX, DI mastering, imaging software, and Cloud migration and integration.

Curtis has managed business operations, sales, marketing and business development for companies such as Pinewood Studios, Laser Pacific Canada, Gastown Post, Rainmaker Digital Pictures, International Image and Sonic Foundry. He was a founder and owner of Digital Film Central (DFC), Canada’s first full service DI facility. The workflow procedures he has developed with his teams and clients have revolutionized post production practices; from uncompressed fiber-delivered dailies (Vancouver to LA, in 1984 for The X-Files), to DFC’s Shadow DI process that delivers a Feature Film’s DI Master on the same day as Picture-Lock. Over his career, Curtis has successfully turned around creative services facilities, reorganized and guided pivoting companies, consulted on corporate mergers and acquisitions, and launched new studios.

Curtis is a respected change agent, advocating for the adoption of globally-distributed and collaborative creative service solutions in Media & Entertainment.









BeBop Technology is headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in London, New York, Sydney, and Vancouver.

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